• 50MHz High Frequency

  • Two view ports (8.25mm x 5.5mm & 16.5mm x 11mm), half or sulcus to sulcus images

  • Alarm and auto-freezing triggered when the probe approaches the cornea

  • Probe protection: auto-freezing after 5 minutes of continuous scanning

  • Dynamic cineloop: continually or separately

  • Massive storage capacity

  • Image processing and measurement, clinical report storage, search and statistics

Probe Frequency:  50MHz

Scan Mode:  Linear Scanning

Scanning Lines:   15μm between each in sulcus to sulcus view port and

                             7.5μm between each in half view port

Total Gain:  ≥105dB

Display Mode:  UBM

View Ports:   8.25mm x 5.5mm, 16.5mm x 11mm;

Variable Delay Depth: Multi-level Adjustable;

Resolution:  Axial ≤ 40μm, Lateral ≤ 40μm;

Dynamic Cineloop:  Continually or Separately;

Image Measurement: Distance, Angle, Area & Perimeter;

Automatic alarm triggered when probe approaches cornea

Real-time clock

Full-screen Annotation

Video Port:  SVGA

Data Port:  USB2.0

Dynamic Video Capture:  Dynamic Videos Can Be Saved in *.AVI Format

Footswitch: Scan, Freeze/Save

Real-time Image Capture and Storage

Powerful Image Post-processing: Gamma/Color Transformation, Color Inversion, Zooming & Annotation

OCT-Style Pseudo-color images with description

Patient Information System:  Support Case Review, Search and Statistics;

Graph/Text Clinical Report Printout, Multi-format Report Templates Selectable

Ergonomic User Interface

50MHz UBM Images

  • Angle-closure Glaucoma

  • Chamber Angle Recession

  • Narrow-Angle Glaucoma

  • Suspensory Lieament

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