• Images analyzed, split/joined and processed on computer;

  • Images with adjustable brightness, contrastness and color;

  • Images denoiced, smoothened, edge-enhanced and B/W converted on computer, length, area or PD measured on the targets in the images, and split/join of fundus images;

  • Database for managing patient records to faciliate storage and search;

  • High-resolution colored inkjet printer for printing patient reports, including patient profile (name, gender, age, DOB and ID), several focus images, and diagnosis;

  • Optimized photoelectric design for lower intensity of illumination, and clear and full fundus images can be acquired in weaker light

  • Small footprint and light weight.

  • Handheld components include handle, finger joystick, shoot button, fixation lamp and objective lens.

  • LED light source with pure color and high effiency.

  • Non-mydriatic.

  • Knob on the side of the head unit, and fingle joystick on handle for focusing and dimming operations.

  • Head unit weighing about 880g;


All fundus information from center to perimeter



Any necessary image in real time



Selected, analyzed and processed images and burn them onto a DVD-RW



Reports with images and comments



Important segments for review and discussion



for carrying, handheld operations and use with laptops


FDC-50E includes:

1. Main unit of FDC-50E Fundus Camera;

2. Professional colored image sensors (internal);

3. Analysis and processing on computer for fundus images.

Angle of view:  50°

Working distance: 28mm

Diopter compensation range: ±25D

Resolution:  ≥60Lp/mm; ≥40Lp/mm (r/2);  ≥25Lp/mm (r)

Brightness:  ≤6000Lx

Working-table stroke: back and forth 80mm, lateral 110mm, up and down 30mm

Vertical tilt: ±15°

Lateral swing: ±30°

Palate frame stroke: 65mm

Light for photographing: 12V

Fixation lamp: LED

Power Supply: AC220 50Hz

Power Consumption: 35VA

Dimensions (Main body): 330 x 270 x 480mm

Weight (Main body): 8Kg


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